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How did I miss that!?
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The Bible contains everything Christian men need to succeed, but we often miss what God is trying to tell us.

What is God saying to men?

When I took the picture, above,  of the two elk I was on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mt. National Park. I happened to be in the right place at the right time, otherwise I would have missed an awesome experience. Rocky Mt. National Park is where you expect to see elk. God has some awesome experiences for us men. He has a plan for us. He wants us to experience fullness of life and to bless our world with that same fullness.  But we have to be in the right place at the right time or we'll miss what He has for us. 

The right place is in God's Word and with other men of the Word. The right time is anytime. I encourage you to get with other men and together experience what God has for you in His Word and live it in your world. It's time for Christian men to fulfill their God-given calling and bless their families, the work place, their neighborhoods and their churches. Let's walk together, like the elk in the picture, and be the men God called us to be.

What are men saying?

Roy speaks to men's breakfasts and retreats     

 The Men's Retreat

"On behalf of the Bethany Men's Ministry and the men of Bethany, I would like to thank you for a spirit led weekend on November 2-4. The words from Psalm 120-134 have had a major impact on men that were in attendance. Your book "In Search of Shalom" was heartily embraced. The core thought of changing your world by living a changed life stirred many to action."

"I came to this weekend not knowing what to expect. It was great to learn that I'm not alone with my issues. I learned about the "little foxes" that have creeped in and are stealing or ruining my shalom. I am so thankful and blessed that someone invited me on this retreat."

The Men's Breakfast Talk

"I had nothing but great feedback. Thanks for doing this for us."

 Upcoming Retreats

South Suburban Christian Church in Littleton, Colorado. May 3-5, 2019

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More about Roy Hanschke

Roy has 30-plus years experience in Denver Christian radio, now on the KPOF Denver morning show where he shares a daily devotional and prayer time and conducts a variety of interviews along with a team. 

Roy has pastoral experience, conducts speaker's clinics at the Colorado Christian Writer’s Conference and speaks often to men’s groups. Roy holds earned degrees in Biblical studies and Christian Education. He's a husband, father and grandfather of a whole bunch of kids.  

              Roy's Message - Going Deeper

"My message is that God wants us men to go deeper and find fulfillment (life to the full) in doing so. Going deeper means more than gaining more knowledge. It means connecting with God  in a new and fresh way. Through my book and talks I help men recognize the lesser known areas of life that are hindering the work of the indwelling Holy Spirit. They might surprise you, - as in - 'How did I miss that?!' King Solomon called these, the"little foxes that ruin the vineyard". Once we become aware of these 'little foxes' and submit them to the work of the Holy Spirit our lives take on a new and fresh vibrancy  that God uses to change our world for his glory.  

This ministry isn't a business, it's a calling. I hope you'll contact me to talk or to engage me for one of your men's events."  

Comments from readers


"Great Biblical insights, great practical life applications for men of all ages! " - Allen Huth, VP Gideons International

"It's such a great ministry tool! I gave it to my boss and he's already commented on how powerful it's been. I'm giving it to a friend in Indiana." - Clint (Centennial Colorado) 


I have gone to your book again [4th time]. Thank you for the excellent way you bring these specific Psalms to pinpoint focus on God's desire to bring us men (and women) into intimacy with His heart. I recently shared copies with several leaders in area churches looking to develop a combined, open study for men. - Steve (Tennessee)

I especially like that your book is so easy to read and understand. It's not complicated but to the point. Elmer - (Illinois)

I loved the book. Every guy in America should read this book. - Michael, Colorado

About Roy's BOOK

"In Search of Shalom - The Success Every Man Desires" 

This is an empowering journey for men who desire to experience the life God designed for them - life to the full. The fifteen chapter journey is based on Psalms 120-134, the Pilgrim Psalms. It's brief and to the point, just what most men want! It's a great book for one man, a dad and a son, two friends or a group. 

When  a man experiences Shalom and brings it home his whole world begins to change for the glory of God, and his family notices!


"I am reading through the book with a group of men at church and am changing. Thanks for your work and insights." - Hadley

"When your book came out it was just the right thing to get me back into the Word." - Paul

 I'm using your book to disciple men in my church.  - a Florida reader


Just finished up a bible study book for men. Roy Hanschke does a good job focusing on the needs of men. It’s a short book and men’s bible studies will love it. I’m now using it with the guys in the jail. Get the book, tell others about it, as it is succinct and a powerful devotional. - Anil M., Denver

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